Karate: An Artistic Motivation to Children

Yabesh receives his silver medal, at the Safaricom Indoor Arena

Talent is God-given, and sharing it is the best experience ever. Talent develops in a child’s early life, and as they grow up, they always desire to be like somebody else, which is why I love karate with passion. Interacting with children through karate has made me realize why I should work extra hard to build my talent to serve as a role model to young children interested in prospering in their martial arts journey. Through Art for Children Foundation, I have been able to interact with, share my ideas, and nurture children’s talents. The best thing about children is that they are bright and curious to learn new concepts, thus the best target for building future talent. Over the last years that I have interacted with children under the Art for Children Foundation, I have realized their hobbies and talents in karate; the reason I am proud to associate and share my achievement in karate is that it will always inspire young children to continue learning karate and realize their abilities.

Yabesh Salim (right) about to contest for the 2022 under 67Kgs Karate Championship

After the long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2022 started with a major karate championship. Prior to this, 2021 had ended with the greatest achievement after I successfully joined the Kenya Karate National Team. In addition, I was glad to train with and join the national team, to play in the World Karate Championship qualifiers held in Dubai. The karate events of 2022 opened with the Lake Region Karate Championship held in Kisumu. After joining the national team, playing less than 67 kg senior categories, my first participation was a success having won the gold medal in the championship. The second championship was the Kenya Open, which took place at the beginning of March and was held at Mount Kenya University (MKU) Thika. I took Position 4, second gold medalist in the senior category – 67kg, where I gained insights on how to best improve. The third championship was the Rift Valley Karate Championship held in Nakuru City later in March. I was proud to acquire a new title as Rift Valley Senior Championship Gold Medalist.

Yabesh Salim (right), with number 1 & 3 finalists, pose for a photo

The journey has not been easy but full of dedication and training under the guidance of Sensei Denis Wandati. Training under the national federation coach Sensei Kiarie, Gendi, and Bonny Owiti, we prepared for the UFAK Eastern Region championship held at Safaricom Indoor Arena Kasarani Stadium from May 16 to 22nd. I was glad to participate in my first international game, where I showed my ability and, at large, served as a role model for the many children and youths looking upon me. I managed to take position two Silver medalist -67kg in the Eastern African region and glad to hold the title.  

Yabesh Salim (right) pose for a photo with fellow Karate contestants

With these achievements, I look forward to participating in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in September 2022. I am confident that with training and guidance, I will get a gold medal not only for my country but also to inspire children striving to realize their talent and wish to be better players in the future.



Author: Yabesh Ogeto (Salim) is a graduate of Maseno University, with BA. Business Administration (Procurement and Supply Chain Management), and a memeber of Kenya’s Karate National Team (-67Kgs).

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