Projects are our main channels through which we get to achieve our mission and vision. The following are the three (3) projects we are currently engaged in:

Nakuru Children and Art Mentorship Programme (NACAMP)

Project NACAMP was officially launched on Saturday 11th September 2021. It is the main continuous project for the organisation.

It shall provide art talents namely; Music, Drama and Poetry, Dance, Drawing, Art and Craft, Modelling, and Karate. The project targets to reach to at least 2,500 children in Nakuru County between the years 2021 to 2025. The project will provide art activities, events, and programmes to less privileged children to enable them to identify and nurture their artistic abilities and creativity. It will also provide mentorship on life skills, sex education, and governance to enable them to grow into responsible citizen leadership.

The project aims at enabling the following

  1. Improved behavioural changes among children
  2. Increased school attendance
  3. Improved children performance in school
  4. Reduced Digital Poverty among children
  5. Increased social mobility
  6. Improved Social Trust
  7. Improved Gender Parity
  8. Improved Mental Health among children and volunteers, among others.

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Ubunifu Centre aims at establishing an Art Centre in Naivasha town. The art centre shall be the main art hub in Nakuru County, where children and adults will be able to get access to art lessons and materials for personal therapy. It will also be the Headquarters for the organisation, and will also act as a source of income-generating activities to fund the continuous projects NACAMP and HISANA.


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HISANA is derived from two words – ‘Hii’ and ‘Sanaa’ -  meaning "This Art". This is also a continuous project for the organisation. It is a community-based discussion forum on art and sustainability. This project aims at engaging the adults in the community and sensitising them on the importance and role of art in the society. This is to ensure a conducive environment for children to get the needed support from their caregivers and the community at large. It also enables the adults in the community to understand the United Nations' 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), and how they can best plugin to ensuring the achievement of these SDGs.

Project HISANA targets at least 800 adults between the years 2021 to 2025, through monthly community-based discussion forums.


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