Art for Social Change
Using art to counter day-to-day societal challenges.
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Empowering Children Through Art
Using art to empower children discover and nurture their potential.
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SDG 16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
We are committed to using art to help communities achieve UN's SDG 16
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SDG 5: Gender Equality
Our operations and art programmes are geared towards achieving UN's SDG 5.
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Artistic abilities and creativity
Helping children identify their artistic talents through provision of events, programmes and activities.
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Life Skills and Governance
Providing mentorship on life-skills and governance, to enable children to grow into responsible citizen leadership.
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Mental Health
Creating awareness on Mental Health Issues through art
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Responsible Citizen Leadership
Raising responsible leaders through art and mentorship on life-skills and governance
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Martial Arts - Karate
Equipping children with defensive skills against rape and Gender Based Violence (GBV)
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Ensuring the spirit of togetherness through dance
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Join our team of volunteers and help make the world a better place.
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Help a child realize their artistic abilities and leadership potentials, through your financial and or material donations.
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About Us


Art for Children Foundation (A4C) is a non-profit NGO established in July 2016, registered in September 2019 and headquartered in Naivasha, Kenya. It is registered under the NGO Coordination Board of Kenya.

At A4C, we believe that when we integrate life skills, governance, and art in helping children identify and nurture their artistic abilities and creativity, then we will raise responsible citizens who will be the change against social challenges of crime, alcohol, drugs and substance abuse, and teenagerhood pregnancies, among others.



Our programmes are tailored to support self-discovery of artistic talents and responsible citizenship among children.


These are the projects we are currently undertaking

Core Values

We are guided by the following core values:

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Every day, hundreds of children are exposed to social challenges of alcohol and drugs abuse, crime and gun violence, rape and gender-based violence, early child marriages and teenagerhood pregnancies, abortions and related deaths, among others.

We use art to create awareness of these challenges and create a platform for the children to be heard through art. We also mentor the children on life-skills and governance, to enable them to grow into responsible citizen leadership.

Our projects and programmes are aimed at helping the community achieve The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals -SDGs, 5 (gender Equality) and 16 (Peace Justice, and Strong Institutions), with a keen focus on SDG 16.

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