Who We Are?

The Art for Children Foundation (A4C) is a non-profit organization located in Naivasha, Kenya. At a4c, we combine art, life skills and governance, to teach children on Responsible Citizen Leadership.

At A4C, we believe that when we integrate life skills, governance, and art in helping children identify and nurture their art talents, then we will raise responsible citizens who will be the change against social challenges of crime, alcohol, drugs and substance abuse, and teenagerhood pregnancies, among others.

Brief History

Art for Children Foundation was founded in the year 2016, by Mr. Kenneth Karenju Kamau, with the purpose to fight crime, alcohol and drug abuse, teenagehood pregnancies, among other vices in the society. This is through helping children identify and nurture their art talents, as a way to raise responsible adults and citizens. The foundation understands the importance of performing arts, in addressing the societal challenges.

Art for Children is founded on  Matthew 25:14–30 on The Parable of the Talents.

Having seen the efforts, several friends who were talented in other fields also voluntarily joined in, creating a team of 5 people. With time, other people joined the team on voluntary basis. As the team grew large, there was need to register the foundation. It was registered with the NGOs Coordination Board, as a Non-ProfIt NGO, under the name ART FOR CHILDREN FOUNDATION. The group started with volunteers in Drawing, poetry, and music. Other volunteers in different art forms have since joined. The group has continued to serve all children; individually, in schools, children’s homes, and especially those from less privileged backgrounds.

Our Vision

To be a leader in providing best art experience and environment for every child, to empower them for the future.

Our Mission

To provide an environment for every child to discover and nurture their artistic abilities and creativity in art.

Our Objectives

The following objectives guides the foundation towards its mission and vision:
Specific Objective
  • To identify and nurture talents in art
Other Objectives
  1. To promote art to children
  2. To create awareness and consciousness about art
  3. To provide a forum for discussing about art
  4. To build a strong forum of advisors from art sector
  5. To seek to influence government proposals and existing registrations
  6. To take such steps by personal or written appeals, private meetings, public meetings or representations to Parliament, government entities and other bodies as may be deemed expedient to promote any of the objects of the Organization.
  7. To raise, secure and utilise funds for the attainment of any or all objects of the Organization, and to do such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objects.

Our Core Values

Our five(5) core values were carefully chosen in a manner to support our; vision, identity, organisational culture, decision making processes, among others. They are as follows:

1. Collaboration

We seek to collaborate with like minded organizations and people, to meet our objectives.

2. Transparency

We are honest and transparent about our operations, in consideration with our values.

3. Integrity

We uphold high morals and ethical standards in all our operations.

4. Respect

We uphold high respect within the foundation, our beneficiaries, and the community at large.

5. Service

We are committed to serve the community as our mission dictates.