Children Creative Potential and voices are Unveiled at YMCA Camp

Children, caregivers, and volunteers pose for a group photo marking the end of 2nd annual children art event 2023.

On Saturday November 18, the Art for Children Foundation organized a captivating event at the YMCA Camp, Moi South-Lake Naivasha. The whole day event which aimed at giving an artistic platform for vulnerable children to have their voices heard through their talents, coincided with the official World Day for the Prevention of and Healing from Child Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Violence.

The theme of the day was ‘Learning from victims/survivors of childhood sexual violence to inspire policy change.’ This saw an enthusiastic crowd participate, leaving children inspired and delighted. Children of all ages from the children’s homes and the community participated in the event. The children’s homes present were: Light of Hope, Children’s Village, Naomi’s Village, Shalom Gate and Asante children’s Home. The performances, raging from music, poetry, dance and drawing by children showcased the power of art to transcend language barriers and communicate messages of hope, unity and love.

Shalom Gate Childrens Home present a poetry piece

Speaking during the event the various caregivers from children’s homes and community encouraged children to seek assistance from adults and express themselves artistically. A message of safe spaces was echoed by every stakeholder present. This saw two children come forward and express their interest in photography and videography while 4 others expressed their interest in sound production. As a result, they were given cameras and laptops and guided on how to operate them.

While the children were served lunch by the volunteers the boards and management held a separate meeting with stakeholders of the Nakuru Children Art and Mentorship Programme (NACAMP), over lunch. This provided an opportunity to feedback on how to improve best project NACAMP and ensure precise outcomes and impact. During this meeting the stakeholders heard fast hand, from the founder – Kenneth Kamau, the inspiring story behind the formation of Art for Children Foundation. Kenneth also shared with the stakeholders an upcoming scholarship project that is in the pipeline and invited them to support the project.

A4C Founder, Kenneth Kamau, addresses project NACAMP stakeholders over lunch, during the 2nd Annual Children Art Event.

The representative from Asante Children’s Home, Ms. Germaine Van Teefelen, thanked the A4C Volunteers for going over and beyond in making the day successful through teamwork and active participation in the kitchen and with the children

In her speech the manager at Children’s Village, Ms. Hawa, expressed gratitude to the YMCA camp Naivasha for hosting the event and providing a welcoming environment for all the participants.

Mr. Alfred Masese from Shalom Gate Children’s Home expressed concerns and sounded an alarm against the impending closure of a nearby flower farm that employs over a thousand locals. Thus, creating unemployment to these families, which will lead to families disintegrating, children being exposed to violence thus foreseeing over congestion at Shalom Gate Children’s Home. Therefore, he called out to other children’s homes to lend a hand in case of this situation happens.

Children engage in imaginative drawing

The event concluded with a heartwarming exhibition of the children’s artwork which showcased their creativity and growth throughout the day. Guardians and community members were invited to witness the children’s accomplishments and celebrate their artistic achievements. The Art for Children Foundation’s event at YMCA camp Naivasha served as a testament to the transformative power of art in the lives of young children.

By nurturing their creative potential, the Foundation continues to inspire and empower children to become tomorrow’s leaders today.


1. Pauline Onyango is a beneficiary-come-volunteer, and currently a Resource Mobilization Officer at Art for Children Foundation (A4C)
2. Pearlnerry Opiyo is a trained Counselor and a volunteer at Art for Children Foundation (A4C).

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