About Us

The Art For Children Foundation was founded by Kenneth Karenju Kamau & Elijah Waweru Wachaga, in the mid of 2015, as a non-profit organization. The aim of the foundation is; To raise art conscious generations, through nurturing of art talents on children.

Our History

Art For Children Foundation started as an idea, that later transformed into reality. This was after the founders, Ely Wachaga and Kenneth Karenju, decided to draw a portrait of each other and later of themselves, back in the mid of the year 2015. 


The foundation offers art programs to children, in different categories, namely (but not restricted to):

  • Art (Drawing & painting)
  • Dance
  • Mentorship
  • Music
  • Poetry

In addition to this, we give motivational talks to high school students, on how to balance their art talents and education, while at the same time living a drug free life.             

We also offer free painting of a 1(one) art room and a gate, for primary/nursery schools & children’s homes.
NB:// The respective school/children’s’ home provides the necessary materials needed for painting, and where necessary, provide lunch for the volunteers painting


The beneficiaries of the foundation are children of kindergarten ages in schools, children’s home and in the community. ( approximately 4 years-14 years), and Secondary School students (approximately 15years-18years) This is irrespective of whether they are physically handicapped or not.             


Volunteers are a vital part of the foundation. We depend on volunteers, to delivering our art programs to the children. Volunteership is open to both children and adults, inclusive of students and school leavers, irrespective of ethnicity and nationality.

As a volunteer, you get to meet, interact and exchange ideas with other volunteers.

We also work closely with individuals and other organizations/ groups, who are interested in ensuring we achieve our aim

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